Massage is for every BODY

Swedish/Deep Tissue

This modality uses long and fluid strokes to the muscles. Commonly known as the most relaxing type of massage. The pressure is adjusted to your request.


Massage cups used to create negative pressure to stubborn tissue. This creates a relaxing unwinding of the muscles for longer lasting relief.

Soothing CBD

The phytocannabinoid (CBD) oil is blended into your session to achieve a deeper relaxation and relief.


Trisha LaLonde

Trisha studied massage therapy at Ashmead College in Seattle, WA and has been practicing since 2009. She strives to be an intuitive healer who listens to the body and your experience within it to tailor your sessions to those needs. Her philosophy is to help guide you while you learn to heal yourself.

She is a bit of a nerd in her own time, spending time playing with her daughter and two kitty kids, Athena and Mr. Purrfect. Her craft table is littered with the right of passage of any crafter, unfinished projects. Bookshelves tend to overflow with novels read and those that are on the ever-growing to-read queue.

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